So, You Say You Want To Go Out With A Bang?

Funeral expenses are out of control. Prolonged healthcare is as well. The cost of dying is beyond what anyone could ever have imagined back in the day. Whether you actually want a big to-do at your funeral or something simple it’s going to cost those you leave behind a pretty penny. Add healthcare costs to that, if you were ill before you died, and your loved ones could end up in a whole world of hurt due to your debts. This is why many now-a-days are choosing to purchase funeral insurance. Ooh and God forbid you spent any time in the care of a hospice!

Yes, I already have plans for that day

Some preparedness enthusiasts have literally planned their funeral. We can’t often plan our deaths so planning our funerals is the next best thing. It is a sure way to make sure (in theory) that everything goes according to plan and to your specifications. Having the appropriate amount of funeral insurance will mean that everything should go off without a hitch. Prepaid funeral arrangements are available but who can afford that?! Don’t leave your loved ones holding a bill that they can never hope to cover.

Do you know how much it costs to die?

There are very few opportunities to provide a funeral for a loved one for under $10,000 anymore. When you start adding all the things that the bereaved family gets talked into at the funeral home that amount can skyrocket in a hurry. And how would your family feel for the rest of their lives if they couldn’t afford to give you the send off they know you wanted? Making sure that you leave them enough money to cover health expenses, the funeral and any other debts you incurred is simply the right thing to do.

We shop for everything else so…

… why not shop around for the best funeral costs? Believe it or not funeral services belong to an extremely competitive market. And most funeral homes do actually have the bereaved’s best interests at heart. But it’s a business just like any other when it comes to profit margins, budgets and costs. Funeral homes have to make money. They seldom have funerals each and every day so they have to make what they can when they can. By doing a quick bit of online comparison you may be able to find a way to save even a little bit. Let’s face it… once it’s too late, it’s REALLY too late!