Sell Property Fast without Spending a Dime

If you are looking to sell property fast, here is one suggestion that might actually help.  It has helped millions of homeowners sell their house fast and it can help you too.  In fact, banks and mortgage lenders use this very strategy and you can use it too to sell your house fast.  If that isn’t good enough, it won’t cost you a dime.

Real Estate Auctions

Auctions aren’t just for foreclosed homes, it can also help you sell your house quickly.  The reason many of them go at auction is because it literally is the best way to sell your house fast.  There are very little other options that can do it as quickly as this.  Let me explain to you how this works and how banks have used this to liquidate millions of homes.

First of all, you need to find an auction company or an auctioneer that does real estate sales.  Try to find one that is pretty large, has prior experience doing it and can sell property fast.  Also, try to find out what their performance track record has been for other homes.  They should have data for this.

You want to get a good and reputable auction company to do your house.  It is very important that you get as many bidders at your auction as possible.  That means you need to find an auctioneer that is really good at marketing.  Find out what their marketing strategy is to get bidders to the auction.  Also, try to find out what their numbers look like at a typical auction.

Minimum Reserve Price

The reason bidders like auctions is because they are trying to get a deal or bargain on a house.  They assume that the owner has to liquidate quickly and that is the reason for the auction as opposed to a traditional real estate sale.  As a result, you will get bidders who will expect to pay lower than market price for their house.

In order to mitigate your house for selling for too little, you can put in a minimum reserve price.  This is a price level that a bidder must meet in order for the deal to close.  This is also a number that you and your auctioneer keep to yourselves until the auction is done.

If the reserve price has not been met for your house, you will simply not sell.  If it is met, you can do the paperwork and your house is sold.

Off-Auction Negotiation

If the winning bid does not meet the minium reserve price, you still have another option.  You can still negotiate with the winner bidder to try to meet the minimum reserve.  Sometimes you can still sell the house that way.

Buyers Premium

Just something to note.  The winning bidder of your house will pay a buyers premium.  Your advantage is that you don’t have to pay a real estate agent commission like you would in a traditional sale.  The buyer pays all the commission.

So real estate auctions are the best way to sell your house quickly.  It’s efficient and fast.  Also, the auction company will do most of the heavy lifting for you and you don’t have to pay them a dime.

By the way, for more information about housing in the United Kingdom, go to the UK Communities and Local Government Website.  It’s a great website with lots of information for those living in the UK.

Also, if you are a low income earner, you can potentially qualify for the UK housing benefit.  It’s designed for those who can’t afford a house via the traditional methods.

Selling for Cash to Real Estate Investment Companies

You can also sell your property fast straight to a Real Estate investment company for cash.  There are many companies out there that buy up houses at low prices to people desperate to sell quickly.

There are many advantages to this.  First of all, there are no commissions to pay an agent.  In addition, you can sell a property that is in any condition.  If you’re house is not in good condition, it may be difficult to sell it to an end user.  If you sell it to an investment company, they know how to fix it up and sell it later.

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