Handle your Financial Needs with a CPA

A Bedford CPA is a professional that can handle your financial needs with ease. Whether you are an individual in need of record keeping or a business looking to hire an accountant to handle duties such as payroll, a CPA is the person to have on your team.A CPA is a Certified Public Accountant. This person has earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher in accounting, and is considered an expert in the field. Regular training is attained to ensure they are up to standards with all of the information, laws and more.

A CPA handles a wide variety of duties ranging from tax returns and audits to payroll and many more.You will find that a CPA is capable of handling a number of different tasks, masking it easy to have all of your financial records and accounts in one spot for easy access and reference. It is sort of like a one-to-shop for your financial needs. If you need record-keeping, tax return services or any other financial resources, a CPA is the people that you should turn to.If you are looking for the most precise data and efficient record-keeping, there is no one better to hire than a CPA.

As experts in the field, you can rest assured when they are working on your side, providing you with just what you need, down to the exact penny and without errors or discrepancies that could come back to haunt you later on.If you need a CPA, take a look at McIlvain and Associates. They are some of the very best CPA’s the industry offers, ready and available to assist with all of your needs, small or large. If you are an individual or a small-business owner, hiring a CPA is a wise decision that you can make.

Business of the Month

Each month, we like to recognize a business that is going above and beyond to serve their community.  Here is this months winner!

Claire Dental Centre

625 B Belmont St, New Westminster, BC

V3M 5Z8