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Top 20 Stocks to Buy Right Now | Today’s Best Investments

Best Stock to Buy from Major Financial News Outlets

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10 red-hot growth companies for 2014 – MSN Money - These are 10 companies that posted big growth in sales and profits this past year.  As the US economy continues to recover and grow, analysts believe these companies will continue and accelerate their growth.

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James K. Glassman’s 10 Stock Picks for 2014 – Kiplinger – Glassman was very accurate with his 2013 predictions.  Keep in mind that it’s rare that analysts or fund managers hit home runs 2 years in a row.

Top Dental Stocks for 2014 - This is a short post on the top dental stocks.  There aren’t many of them to pick from, so you may be able to just invest in all of them.

Black Friday Picks

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here!  These are the best stocks for the holiday shopping season.

1) Amazon

Ecommerce (the business of buying stuff online) is growing faster than the retail sector overall.  Amazon’s sales is growing even faster than the general ecommerce industry.  It doesn’t take a genius to know that more and more people are buying stuff online rather than going to traditional brick and mortar stores.  That trend is only going to increase.  And you’ve probably bought more stuff on Amazon this year and previous years.  That’s only going to continue as well, making Amazon a great buy!

2) eBay

Many people don’t know, but eBay is just a large a marketplace as Amazon.  They had over 112 million active buyers last year.  That means over 100 million people bought something on eBay in the last 12 months.  eBay is no longer the world’s garage sale.  You can still find great deals there, but many brands are listing on eBay.

3) Fedex

People ship stuff over the holidays.  This is also connected to the growth of ecommerce.  Unless Amazon starts a shipping business (which many think that they are), Fedex will continue to grow with the ecommerce industry.

 4) Walmart

As retail grows, so goes Walmart.  There are very smart people over there and they will make sure that they are a top retailer.  They are even starting their own online thing to compete with Amazon.  They already have the branding of finding cheap stuff.  Now they just need leverage for ecommerce.

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Top 10 Best Stocks to Buy Now

5) 3D Systems (DDD)

3D Systems is a 3D printing company.  Many experts and analysts are calling this technology the death of Chinese manufacturing.  3D printers allow people to make their own products from home.  Currently, everything from action figures, guns and organs are being printed by these devices.  It’s the future!

Here are the top 10 as I’ve looked for undervalued companies that have great growth prospects.  Click on the links to get a deeper analysis.

6) McDonald’s Corporation (MCD)

Big Macs in China and Veggie Burgers in India!  They are growing their reach into emerging markets and they are growing earnings here in the US.  New products, constant innovation, strong brands and migration into urban areas is going to make this a great company to invest in for years to come.

7) Coca-Cola (KO)

Its the world’s most recognized brand…that means as the world’s economies grow, so grows Coca-Cola.  There is a reason Warren Buffett is one of their biggest shareholders, and it’s not just because he has loved Coke since he was a kid.

8) Visa (V)

Everywhere you want to be, including your smart phone.  They just announced a partnership with Intel.  Apple just registered iWallet as a trademark.  You see where this is going.  If you think swiping a credit card made you spend more money, just think about how much more consumers will spend if they can simply wave their smart phone in front of  a device.

9) Vale (VALE)

High dividend yields with great prospects…what more could you ask for?  Just crunch the numbers.  There is risk involved because they are an international company, but I think it’s well worth the risk.

10) China Mobile Ltd (ADR) (CHL)

Apple iPhones are so popular that pirates are counterfeiting even their retail stores…that’s how you know smart phones are a growth market in China.  I like China as a growth consumer market.  I also think mobile technology is the future.  Put those together and you get China Mobile as a good stock investment.

11) CF Industries Holdings, Inc (CF)

Leverage the growth of world population that is 7 billion and rising…fast.  They are one of the leaders in industrializing the agricultural systems around the world.

12) Accenture (ACN)

Information and knowledge will only increase in value as time moves on and as the world advances.  Accenture is on the front-end of this revolution.  And the great thing about consulting is that, if you know what you are doing, you will apply all of that knowledge to your own business.  This is what Accenture is doing, and seems to be doing well.

9) Microsoft (MSFT)

This stock has been beaten down in recent years, but it is on the verge of another Golden Age.  Together with Windows 8 coming out this year, the rise of the Windows Phone platform and other major product launches, I think Microsoft is one of the best companies to invest in.

They just announced their own tablet called the Surface.  This should get them back into the game for mobile development, which is going to be a huge, huge market in the next 10-20 years.

13) Verizon (VZ)

Mobile is the future.  As you wait, get a 5% dividend.  They are one of only 3 major players in this market.  They also happen to have the best network and the best reputation for customer service.  AT&T got a leg up by being the first to offer the iPhone.  But now the playing field is leveled and there is no reason for people not to migrate toward Verizon.

More Good Stocks to Buy

14) Exxon Mobil (XOM)

Energy demand will only rise and supply will only fall…guess who profits in the middle?

15) Cisco (CSCO)

They’re going back to basics, and I think it’s working!  This is a contrarian investor’s dream.

16) MasterCard Inc (MA)

*Please see Visa

17) Intel Corporation (INTC)

Do you think computers will be more or less important as time goes on?

18) International Business Machines Corp (IBM)

Strong company, with a strong history and a great future in the clouds.  I think tech companies are generally good for growth and this is a tried and true company that I believe has a great future.

19) Hewlett-Packard (HPQ)

Beginning of the end or a great contrarian play?  You decide.

20) Tata Motors (TTM)

You probably haven’t heard of them, but they are potentially in the largest car market in the world by unit volume.  Some of the best investments of the next decade will be companies that cater to the middle class in the emerging markets.  Tata Motors is certainly one of those companies.

21) Applied Materials, Inc (AMAT)

22) National Grid plc (ADR) (NGG)

Super Hot Stocks – Micro Cap with Huge Upside

These companies tend to be a bit riskier, but there is potential for a huge upside.  I would use only what I would consider risk capital for these types of stocks.  Let’s start with one that I found just today.  These are good only if you have some play money to make some bets with.

23) Gulf Resources, Inc (GURE) - Micro cap stock with strong financials and a good looking upward trend

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