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QE, the Stock Market, Inflation and Politics

There is a strong relationship between the Fed’s quantitative easing (QE) policies, valuations in the stock market, inflation and politics. If you don’t see the holistic picture here, you will miss out on some great investing opportunities at best, and at worst, you may underestimate the negative long term impact of QE policies.

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Stocks to Buy for the Mobile Revolution

It is clear that the mobile market is going to be the big growth story for the next ten years. Apple’s introduction of the iPhone basically created the smart phone market that we see today. Now, there is a lot of money going into mobile innovation.

There are some major players in this space that are positioned very prominently in the mobile market. Here are the stocks to buy that have significant interest in the mobile revolution.

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Key Terms and Definitions

Here are some stock market terms and definitions you will need to know to understand what’s going on in the market.  You can find these…