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Home Contents Insurance | Cheap Quotes and Comparison

Most people who own a home have house insurance which covers their real property in the event of a disaster or other types of damage. This type of insurance is usually mandatory to own a mortgage. What most people overlook, however, is having home content insurance to cover their personally belongs that aren’t attached to the property itself.

The best home content insurance will be the one that has the right combination of coverage for your valuables at the lowest rate possible. Here are the steps to take to find best insurance quotes and comparisons as you look for the right policy…

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Life Insurance Settlement | Selling Policy Options and Solutions

Life insurance settlement is where a policy owner sells his policy to a third party before he dies and his beneficiaries get the claim. If I owned a $1 million life insurance policy I would sell it to a broker or investor for $500,000 before I passed away. I would get $500,000 to spend in my retirement and the investor would receive $1 million when I died. That is essentially how that works.

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Commercial Insurance | Getting Quotes and the Right Coverage

Commercial insurance is also known as property and casualty insurance. The property portion refers to coverage of any real property the company owns. This would include buildings, equipment, etc. The casualty portion coverage includes pretty much everything else other than property. The specific definition of what is considered casualty depends on what is written in the actually insurance policy…