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The best investment companies in the world consistently beat market averages year over year.  Here is a short list of some of these famous companies and how you can take part in their financial investment activities.  There are many ways to get in on the successes of these Wall Street, and sometimes Main Street, firms.  Sometimes the best investments one can make are in the successful endeavors of others.

Berkshire Hathaway

This once textile mill company is now the world renown investment holding company of the most famous investor in the world Warren Buffett.  He bought this company on his long journey to his billions and turn it into the parent the all of the businesses he now owns.

The best way to invest money into this success story is to simply buy stock in his company.  It’s a very expensive stock for the class A shares.  They go for over six figures.  You can also get class B shares for less than a $100 a share.

Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett have been known for their integrity and keen sense for value.  They have also been made famous by picking good stocks to invest in for many decades.


They are one of the biggest investment companies in the world.  They are actually the biggest asset management companies in the world with $3.6 trillion under management.

They have been historically known for their actively management funds.  Now, after their acquisition of Barclays Global Investors, they also have a big chunk of the passively managed fund business, also known as index funds.

You can invest in their stock BLK.  You can also become one of their asset management clients if you have that kind of capital to invest.

Goldman Sachs

These guys are the kings of Wall Street.  They always seem to be able to figure out a way to make money, no matter what the regulatory or market climate may be.

They will face some challenges up ahead, but they will still continue to be one of the best investments for 2011.  They have already made a ton of money on their stock market trading business, although they are no longer calling it that because of the Frank Dodd Financial Reform bill that was passed.

In spite of the challenges ahead, I think they will continue to figure out how to make money.  They have been accused of using unethical means to get there, so consider that before you invest in them.  Just like BlackRock, you can either invest in their stock or become one of their investor clients.

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